The Most Common Spring Roof Problems in Eugene (And What to Do About Them)

May 12, 2023 | Blog, Eugene, OR, Roof Damage, Roof Repair

Spring is the time of plants and projects”, quoted by Leo Tolstoy, a Russian writer from the early 1800s well known for his novel “War and Peace”. And he knew what he was talking about with this quote! The winter months are passing and the refreshing joy of spring is around the corner. Many are excited to make long lists of projects for the upcoming months. What is on your list? 

Make sure you have a few line items for inspecting the condition of your residential roofing system! The roof holds your home together, much like the walls do. It keeps the weather out, protects the precious contents, and offers a safe comfortable environment to lay your head after a long day. 

spring roof damage, roof repair, Eugene

What are some things to look for when the springtime arrives? Explore some ideas below, and work to keep your roof strong

Curled Shingles

Shingles can warp and split due to cold temperatures, especially on the edges of a roof. Also look for areas of shingle loss, bent edges, or buckling of the shingles. A springtime, annual inspection is a perfect time to also evaluate the edges of your roof to make sure they are prepared for the upcoming year. 

Clean the Gutters

Gutter cleaning Eugene

Believe it or not, the gutter system plays a vital role in a healthy roof. Inspect the condition of the gutters when you look at the roof. If there is any debris buildup in the gutter system, this is a perfect time to clean them out and make sure water flows freely. The spring rains will be upon the rooftops soon, and there needs to be a place for all of that water to flow to. 

If you don’t have gutters guards, perhaps it is wise to consider investing in some. Gutter guards are a mesh or screen used to keep large substances out of the gutter system. Small debris and particles can still filter through, but no more pine needles, nests, or piles of leaves. 

Pests Issues

This beautifully leads to our next point, pests. Those little critters are adorable in nature, but certainly not when they raise their families in or on a roof! They have even been known to create little nests in the gutter system. Those small animals come out of hibernation in the spring and are ready for food and creating homes. Look for evidence of squirrels, mice, ants, raccoons, or birds making their little home on your home. 

Failed Sealants

Many roofing materials contract and expand slightly due to the changes in seasons. Sealants should be inspected to make sure they can withstand another warm season. Sealants surround the rooftop flashing and protecting it from water sneaking and damaging the surfaces underneath. Many times it is hard for the homeowner to determine if the sealants are still strong enough to protect. This is an excellent opportunity to contact a professional who can detect the quality of the sealant.  

Nearby Trees

One may not realize the importance of reviewing the stature of a nearby tree when discussing common springtime roofing problems. However, as those trees grow, the branches and limbs can reach out over a home and during a strong summer storm, break off and cause damage to the roof. By taking some time in the spring, and trimming back trees, the chances of broken limbs falling on a roof are minimized.  

Please call an expert tree specialist when you notice areas to be trimmed back. They are skilled and have the proper equipment to successfully and safely trim a tree with ease and professionalism. 

Place your trust in a reliable roofing contractor that can successfully inspect and evaluate your roof for any potential complications. NW Roofing and Siding Pros in Eugene have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to forecast any damages, and we can assist with minor roof repairs up to a full roof replacement.  We serve the local community by maintaining superior craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and best-in-class customer service. 

Give us a call and let’s work together to cross off items on your to-do list! We look forward to working with you this spring! 

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